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Tapaz Bar isn’t about a singular distinctive taste, it’s about diversity with a fusion of culinary inspirations.

Tapas is essentially a style of eating rather than a form of cooking. It means sociability, friends, and family. People of a like mind talking and drinking in a relaxed atmosphere while nibbling away on little bites of intense flavor.

You can choose it simple or we can make it as complicated as you like but whichever way you prefer it, our tapas is best served with an early evening drink among friends, in a lively company in front of a stunning beach view.

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History of Tapas

Tapas are meant to be light appetizers between meals to help gulp down some wine or beer. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you have missed out on one of life’s gastronomic pleasures.

It truly is heaven on a small plate!

Legends bring the origin of the Tapas term back to the Spanish word for “cover” or “lid” and there are several explanations of why it eventually became such a big hit.

Our favourite fairytale narrates that the tapas keeps away the fruit flies from the drinks, which became our concept, just like it was meant from the origins: You buy a drink, you get your free “tapas lid”. So why not get a little delicatessen that lays down on a crunchy toasted slice of bread to look after your drink?

In our bar you find a wide range of beers, from the widespread classic Bintang, to Stark Beer, the only craft brewery in entire Indonesia, or don’t miss the chance to sip one of our genuine Spanish drinks by the ocean. Nothing else will quite make you feel you’re on vacation like sipping our frozen cocktails on the beach. Cheers!

About our Eco-brick wall

“Gili T’s Mediterranean culinary hotspot is back in business with a new vibrant eco-look!

There have been many changes taking place in Gili Trawangan as the community and businesses get back on their feet. Gili T’s popular Mediterranean-style hangout Tapaz Bar is one that has now relaunched better than ever. It sports a vibrant new look after taking stock in the earthquake aftermath to create a refreshingly new design concept.

Rather than simply rebuild walls damaged in the quake, Tapaz Bar has taken the opportunity to create something unique which carries an important eco message. The idea was to create an eco-wall made of plastic bottles which are themselves filled with plastic trash. Each bottle weighs 500gr, and transforms throw-away trash into highly versatile construction materials. While extremely practical, it’s a symbolic feature which aims to raise awareness for recycling and emphasize the impact that plastic pollution has on small island communities like Gili Trawangan.

These eco-brick bottles were purchased from local women in Lombok, providing much needed income for locals. Tapaz Bar has been artfully blending the eco-bricks with alternative art, to create something very distinctive. It resembles a vibrant pop art inspired seascape.

It’s probably the most unique wall on the entire island.”


—  My Lombok Magazine


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